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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oracle DRM - Key arenas

1. Upgrading from DRM to - what to expect.
2. Analytical Master Data Management: Buzzwords EPM, DRM, BI

3. Basics concepts of DRM.
4. Hierarchy management, Balanced vs. Ragged Hierarchies.
5. DRM Errors, that lack proper documentation in 11.1.2
6. Node attributes
7. Derived attributes and formulas
8. Sourcing data, Import process
9. Action Scripts (Automator)
10. Validations
11. Batch and config scripts
12. Export profiles, exports for external subscribing systems
13. Role based user management
14. Migration utility


  1. Hi Geeta,

    I am new to DRM. We have a requirement of maintaining HFM metadata in DRM. As a process, we get the Metadata file from HFM in XML format. This should be loading into DRM make necessary changes and export it in XML format which should be loaded back to HFM application.

    In case you need any more information. you can reach me on

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  2. Hi Naren,

    Download the EPM Application Templates for Hyperion Data Relationship Management from the Oracle website.
    Customize the templates as advised based on the Dimensions/ Hierarchies/ Properties defined/ customized in your instance of HFM. Note that the templates create the DRM Metadata elements and you will need to create Import profiles in DRM to populate the data from HFM to DRM. The import file will need to be delimited based on the DRM defined format (with defined [hier], [relation] sections etc.)

    The template creates DRM Export profiles for the HFM Accounts and Entity Dimensions. You will need to configure additional Dimensions that need to be exported back to HFM from DRM.

    You will need to use EPMA to import data that is exported from DRM into ADS specific file formats back into HFM. This is not a XML import to HFM. Alternately if you use Interface tables (component of EPMA) you can map the DRM exports to write to the Interface tables and integrate with HFM accordingly.

    Hope that helps.


  3. Hi Geeta,

    Thanks for you reply.

    It was very helpful.

    I have the templates downloaded and imported them into DRM.

    I am trying to build an Hierarchy in DRM using Simple.XML file from HFM. Opened this file in xl and filtered based on parent child combination.

    For example:
    Dim: Custom1 Alias: Products(in HFM)
    Parent Child
    #root [None]
    #root AllProducts
    AllProducts Golf
    Golf GolfBalls
    Golf GolfShoes
    Golf GolfTees
    Golf GolfClubs
    AllProducts Tennis
    Tennis TennisBalls
    Tennis TennisShoes
    Tennis TennisRacquets
    #root Balls

    I populated this data in DRM using Import option
    Please let me know if the below format is correct:

    Hierarchy Name:
    Top Node:
    All Products

    All Products and [None] under Custom1
    Golf and Tennis under All Products
    GolfBalls, GolfClubs,GolfShoes under Golf
    TennisBalls,TennisRacqets,TennisShoes under Tennis.

    Thanks in advance


  4. Hi Naren,
    Pl. email your sample import file as a .txt file to my email id I will modify it and send it to you. The Parent-child relationship and the delimiters need to be set appropriately.

  5. Hi Geeta,

    I have emailed the Sample import file. However, I have sent you an xml file which comes from and HFM application.

    Basically, I need a simple demo on Loading HFM metadata into DRM export it from DRM and Load into HFM.

    Thanks for helping.


  6. Hello Geeta,
    is there an adoptor for ODI to DRM.

    We have EBS, using ODI to update DRM. is this possible, if so is there an adoptor or process that we need?

    Alex Mathew

  7. Hi Alex,
    DRM is a data agnostic tool, there is no ODI adapter. Currently, the only way to get data into DRM is via a DRM format import delimited file. You can use ODI to export EBS data into this format, and also use ODI to run batch processes to load the import files into DRM. The downstream publish layer out of DRM can be mapped in DRM to any RDBMS set of tables (this can be EPMA interface tables or custom built export tables). Hope that answers your question. All the best.

  8. Hi Geeta,

    Your blog is really nice and useful. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I've heard that we can connect essbase / planning /hfm with DRM through web service such that we can get synchrinized and concurrent effect ( automatically ) in essbase/planning/HFM that we have changed in DRM.

    I've used DRM Batch client to export Hierarchy from DRM and use planning outline load to hit the planning application. But it's in batch mode. Either we've to run this batch file or we can schedule it. On the other hand, web service can do it better.

    If you've worked on that, please suggest your opinion..

  9. Hi Geeta,

    Back in 2011, you mentioned this template Do they have a template for version

  10. Hi Geeta,

    I am new to drm. I need to create a xml export from drm which will be given to HFM, but the file format of xml export(generated from drm) doesnot matches with what we need to give to HFM.
    Can you please help me on this.
    Is there a way to change the format that we get from drm.

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Hey Geeta,

    Do you know if there is a way one can extract the security (Users and others)information from DRM. If so can you please let me know how we can do it.

  12. Really nice stuff madam.......

  13. Hi Geeta can u plz give me information related to domain concept in DRM

  14. Hi...Madam..
    I want to install DRM in my please give the requiremnts to install..
    like min RAM and other supporting s/w's details.


  15. Hi Geeta,

    Can you please post interview questions for both administrator/ Developer reloes.

  16. Hi Geeta,

    I want to know more about Action Scripts (Automator).

    Another question also like can we develop batch scripts between DRM and eBS.

    Please answer..